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naomi dr

Naomi DR System

The Naomi Dr System is a cutting edge CCD sensor system, the signal lines between control components and each CCD sensor are designed with the same length in order for 12 CCDs to receive the command at the same time. Normally, a single CCD makes a pair with a single control component to operate. However on Multi-CCD Detector Method, a single control component can send the command to multiple CCD sensors. By drastically reducing the number of components with this method, it has achieved the exceptional production cost reduction, high image quality and affordable price.

iCRco DR Systems

iCRco AirDR

iCRco AirDR

TheThe AirDR is a durable, low-dose cassette-size DR panel loaded with cutting edge, fail-safe features while ensuring patients receive the lowest possible dose. This Flat Panel Detector uses a low-power WiFi connection to transmit images, allowing you the freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections. With a thin and sturdy carbon fiber frame and wireless capabilities, it can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing x-ray rooms. Rugged and reliable, the AirDR has achieved a high Water and Dust rating of IP65 to protect it from outside dust particles, and if accidentally wet, it is engineered to protect the panel and prevent the circuits from shorting out.

iCRco AirDr iCRco AirDRc
iCRco iDR17

iCRco iDR17

The iCRco iDR17 is a high-resolution, DR solution designed for the modern practice. This affordable fixed panel deploys a unique scanning DR technology that allows for a direct digital workflow at a much lower cost than standard fixed DR panels. iDR produces amazing image quality and is backed by powerful optics, sensors, and a solid-state, mechanical drive system.


iCRco iDR34

iCRco iDR34

Introducing the iDR34: the only digital radiography solution capable of BOTH regional scanning and long length spinal imaging studies. With a 17”x34” field of use, the iDR34 can replace or supplement your existing RAD room environment. It gives you the ability to do all anatomy regions - neck and chest, full-torso, long-length, and spine. Because the system takes a single image, you can leverage compensation filters to balance out the exposure between thicker and thinner areas of anatomy.


IMIX Rad Systems

urs plus lp

Optima URS Plus LP/imix (DR)

This system has been designed as a world-class direct digital imaging system, however it also configured for analog applications.


Del Medical Digital Solutions

del diva

Digital R/F Acquisition System (DR)

DIVA-D is a new digital acquisition system designed to offer the highest performance in Radiographic/Fluoroscopic and Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) applications. The highly sensitive CCD camera with a resolution of 1024x1024 pixel and a Analog-to-Digital conversion depth of 12 bits provides outstanding image quality for every digital R/F application.


ImaSight Systems

imasight ccd

ImaSight 4600

The ImaSight 4600 Digital Radiography System is the ideal solution for private clinics of any size, in both human and animal health care practices. The ImaSight 4600 is complete solution and on price include everything you need. The ImaSight 4600 utilizes CCD (charge coupled device) technology that has proven highly successful in healthcare radiography applications over the last two decades. Our system uses one, high quality CCD with a large imaging surface (16 million pixel area).

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IMIX Rad Systems


IMIX OrthoRad

The IMIXOrthoRad is the versatile DR solution designed specifically to meet the high volume requirements of busy practices. Like all IMIX Systems, the OrthoRad provides unparalled value allowing even the smallest practice to go digital without compromise.


Summit / Amrad Digital Solutions

amrad dxr

Amrad Dual Advantage DXR System (DR)

Summit Industries introduces its AMRAD DXR Dual Advantage System, a fully integrated digital solution that comes equipped with two patented, CCD (charge-coupled device) direct digital receptors.


eco chiro


Low Power, Cost-Effective, Next-Generation Direct Digital X-Ray imaging solutions for individual Chiropractic practices. Bring the simplicity, speed and convenience of DR with the ECO-nomics of CR to your practice.


Bennett /Summit Industries

bennet digital

Bennett Direct Imager DR System

Bennett offers chiropractors the highest resolution digital radiographic images available in the industry. The system meets the challenges of increased exam volumes. The Bennett Direct Imager Digital system includes a stand alone workstation and Images are available for review in a matter of seconds.


Universal Imaging


Universal Upright Raymaster

Universal uniquely combines economy and flexibility in a system designed to meet specialized and individual professional radiographic needs. The Universal Raymaster system is thoroughly at home in private, group, or clinical applications. It provides full radiographic capabilities, from skull to weight bearing studies.


Medicatech X-ray Systems



The DDR MAK-1100 is a top-level digital X-ray system designed to meet the demanding needs in hospitals emergency departments, trauma centers and general radiology applications.

The system is fully motorized, dual-speed swivel C-arm on the DDR MAK-1100 provides effortless movements and accurate settings. This allows the operator extraordinary flexibility and ideal system setting for all patients in a standing, sitting or laying position.