Sedecal - TXR - Summit offers 40kW, 50kW, 60 kW, 80 kW Generators to support Pain Management Practices. Works with DR & CR Solutions.


Chiro Pro System

The Chiro Pro System is a complete radiographic system designed for high quality performance. Features a 40kW high frequency generator (400mA 125kVp), allows for shorter exposure times and increased penetration for the larger patient.


Bennett /Summit / Premier Chiropractic X-Ray Systems that work with DR and CR Solutions

bennet dc1

Bennett DC-1 Chiropractic System

DC-1 systems lead the profession and meet the unique application requirements of rare earth film and screens. Complete spinal imaging is easily performed without re-positioning the patient. Examples of popular options to the DC-1 include: Tilting Bucky Structure with gear-driven adjustment, ideal for upper cervical images. Conventional Vertical Structures for 17” x 17” or 14” x 36” film cabinets.

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bennet dc3

Bennett DC-3 Chiropractic System

The DC-3 system delivers High Frequency power at an attractive price. Powered by a HF-30 generator, the operator can quickly set x-ray technique factors with the HF-30’s two-point operation. The HF-30 is a full 30 kW rated generator using 20 kHz technology. Complemented by a rugged tubestand and wallstand the DC-3 system is an outstanding value.

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bennet dc4

Bennett DC-4 Chiropractic System - works well with DR

The DC-4 system offers chiropractors conventional radiography at the best possible price. The 360 generator exceeds single phase expectations by offering unique time stations and mA station, optimizing imaging capability. The single phase system provides reliable performance at an economical price.

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Universal Imaging


Precise View offered in Single Phrase & 3 Phrase works with DR & CR Solutions of all makes and models

The Precise View's engineers relied heavily on input from chiropractors to design a system that would streamline operations. It has been designed to make positioning easier for both patient and chiropractor. Virtually effortless movement is assured by the use of precision stainless steel bearings, which allow smooth and precise tube positioning, both horizontally and vertically.



Upright Raymaster

This Chiropractic System combines economy and flexibility to provide a wide range of diagnostic procedures at an affordable price. Flexible mounting of the Raymaster tubestand column allows for floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall mount interchangeability, for easier, quicker installation.


Americomp - TXR - AMRAD


Americomp - TXR - AMRAD

The TXR is a Single phrase or 3 phrase High Frequency X-Ray System that works

with DR & CR.

Chiropractic X-Ray for diagnosis designed to carry out high precision radiological exposures that can be used in an easy way with high reliability. It has been designed to work in combination with other equipment, such as buckies, and X-Ray tubes, to obtain radiographic and digital radiographs.