X-Ray Installation Examples

A small sampling of the our many installations.

iDR34 Full Spine Digital Solution with H.F. X-Ray Installation

iDR34 and x ray installation 5 18 2015

iDR Digital Computer Wall-Mounted with HF X-Ray

Mobile Stand for personal protection instead of a fixed wall

iDR Digital Computer Wall mounted with HF X Ray and mobile stand

Boon Frame with Chiropractic room 3 2015

Boon Frame with Chiropractic Room

Chiropractic office x ray installation example 3 2015

300 mA X-Ray with Digital CR Solution

Urgent Care x ray room with titling bucky 3 2015

High Frequency X-Ray w/ Titling Bucky

DR Digital with Computer Wall-Mounted with HF X-Ray

Chiropractic x ray 9 1 2015